A Nice Surprise (Caillou 8x8) por Nicole Nadeau

A Nice Surprise (Caillou 8x8) por Nicole Nadeau

Titulo del libro: A Nice Surprise (Caillou 8x8)

Autor: Nicole Nadeau

Número de páginas: 24 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 1, 2012

Editor: Caillou

Nombre del archivo: a-nice-surprise-caillou-8x8.pdf

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Nicole Nadeau con A Nice Surprise (Caillou 8x8)

Hoping to alleviate his boredom, Caillou decides to surprise his mother with a new recipe. Hard at work in the kitchen, he becomes covered with flour, and a puddle of honey causes his feet to stick to the floor. His thoughtful gesture is creating messy re