Opposition (Saga Lux) por Jennifer L Armentrout

Opposition (Saga Lux) por Jennifer L Armentrout

Titulo del libro: Opposition (Saga Lux)

Autor: Jennifer L Armentrout

ISBN: 8416256322

Nombre del archivo: opposition-saga-lux.pdf

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Jennifer L Armentrout con Opposition (Saga Lux)

The world has changed since the Luxen arrived. Katy cannot believe Daemon has welcomed his kind when they have threatened to destroy every human and hybrid left on Earth. The lines between good and evil have blurred and love has become an emotion that could become her downfall and that of others. Daemon will do what's necessary to save the ones he loves even if that means betrayal. Unlikely alliances must be formed even though it's impossible to tell who is friend and who is foe. War has come and the future will never be the same for the survivors.