Corazon de Mariposa por Andrea Tomae

Corazon de Mariposa por Andrea Tomae

Titulo del libro: Corazon de Mariposa

Autor: Andrea Tomae

ISBN: 8415880782

Nombre del archivo: corazon-de-mariposa.pdf

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Andrea Tomae con Corazon de Mariposa

Victoria and Kenji share a secret: the scars on their wrists. She spends her days counting calories, hoping her sister does not force her to eat. He hides the marks of his past under tattoos, working sun up to sun down in a rock and roll bar. They live very isolated existences until one day, Kenji finds Victoria in the bar's bathroom lying in a pool of blood. Everyone suspects another suicide attempt because of her anorexia and the fact that her boyfriend just left her. No one knows the true story until now.